Our association is comprised of administrators from local and state correctional facilities throughout the state of Maryland.  The MCAA is committed to enhancing public safety by promoting the best interest of each jurisdiction through improved operations, training and working conditions for correctional personnel and programs for those in custody. We are also dedicated to expanding our efforts to build positive relationships and enhance public confidence with all of our stakeholders. 

A primary commitment of the MCAA is the professional development of not only our correctional administrators and command staff but also our future leaders.  We know that the future will continue to bring many new challenges to the corrections profession, therefore, it is vital for us to provide the best possible training opportunities for our members.  We accomplish this important mission through working with the Maryland Police and Correctional Training Commissions (MPCTC) to continue to provide leadership development programs, trainings and seminars throughout Maryland. The MCAA Annual Training Conference provides excellent training programs and the opportunity for networking and information sharing.  This conference also allows us to meet the “best of the best” in corrections throughout Maryland with our recognition of our “Employees of the Year.” The Executive Development and Assistant Executive Development programs provide an excellent opportunity for Maryland’s correctional leaders to come together to learn and discuss the most relevant issues within Corrections. These opportunities allow us to deliver the highest quality and most relevant information to correctional professionals in Maryland.     

In order for the MCAA to continue to be successful, we must establish unity and consensus among local and state correctional administrators on matters concerning our respective operations. We must continue to assist each other in the development of appropriate and adequate correctional resources. We must also focus on governmental relationships at all levels. This is accomplished through our Legislative committee whose members work tirelessly in conjunction with the Governor’s Office, State legislators, State agencies and other groups who propose, evaluate and endorse legislation and policy affecting public safety and correctional services within all of our facilities.  The MCAA provides expertise, guidance and testimony to ensure that proposed government policy has a positive impact on both our communities we serve and those in custody.     

It is truly an honor to serve as the President of the Maryland Correctional Administrators Association. I look forward to working with all of our local and state correctional administrators and partners as we strive to meet our commitment to enhance the safety of the communities we serve.


President TD Reece