Maryland Correctional Administrators Association Committees

The following committees have been established by the Association and are standing committees unless otherwise indicated:


Budget Finance – Lemonte Cooke, Chair (; MaryAnn Thompson, Vice Chair.  

Executive Board – Dan Lasher (

Information Resource and Technology – Terry Satterfield, Chair (; Ruth Colburne Vice Chair.

Legislative – Lemonte Cooke, Chair (; Mary Lou McDonough, Vice Chair.  Region 6

Mental Health and Substance Abuse – Rob Green, Chair (  Region 2

Standards – Howard Ray, Chair (; Rene Somerville Jones, Vice Chair.

State and Local Policy – Jack Kavanaugh, Chair (

Training and Research – Jane Sachs, Chair (; Melinda Grenier, Vice Chair.  Region 5 


By-Laws – MaryAnn Thompson, Chair (; Marsha Maloff, Vice Chair.

Community Service – George Hardinger, Chair (

Conference – T.D. Reece, Chair (; Bo Greenwood, Vice Chair.

Historian – Dave Ward, Chair (; Lamonte Cooke, Vice Chair.

Legal Issues – Craig Rowe, Chair (; Rob Green, Vice Chair.  Region1

Lifetime Membership – George Kaloroumakis (; T.D. Reece, Vice Chair.

Mental Health Task Force – Terry Kokolis, Chair (; George Kaloroumakis, Vice Chair.

Nominations – Marsha Maloff, Chair (

Scholarship – George Kaloroumakis, Chair (; Garry Mumford, Vice Chair.  Region 7

Vendors – Bo Greenwood, Chair (