John "Jack" DeWitt
John F. “Jack” Dewitt

In Past President of MCAA’s  Steven R. Williams words . . . . Sheriff Jack Dewitt was a large framed man that always smiled in such a way that you immediately felt comfortable to be with him. He had the unique ability to let others know he cared about them and their problems. Sheriff Jack Dewitt will always be remembered as a Cecil County Sheriff that was respected by everyone he came in contact with, a Sheriff that instilled integrity in the Cecil County Sheriff’s Office. He was a man who showed respect to his deputies and correctional officers. Sheriff Jack Dewitt was honored by this Association by making the “Jack Dewitt Award” the most prestigious award given by the Maryland Correctional Administrators Association for recognition to outstanding corrections professionals and their associates. 

He served 4 consecutive terms as Sheriff of Cecil County, 1974 – 1990; stayed active in corrections; was very supportive of MCAA; served as a member on the Maryland Commission on Correctional Standards and each year the DeWitt Award is presented to the MCAA member who exhibits exemplary, dedicated services in the field of corrections.

Following is a list of recipients of the Award:

1993 Donald G. Hopkins, Executive Director – Maryland Police and Correctional Training Commissions

1994 Richard A. Darling, Deputy Director – Wicomico County Department of Corrections

1995 James “Buck” Rollins, Director – Howard County Detention Center

1996 Father Joseph Wenderoth – Executive Director, Dismas House

1997 John W. Welch, Jr. – Warden, Wicomico County Department of Corrections

1998 Terry Pinnix – ARAMARK Correctional Services

1999 Sally Marker – Governor’s Office on Crime Control and Prevention

2000 Joan Gillece, PhD – Department of Health and Mental Hygiene

2001 The Honorable Pauline Menes, House of Delegates

2002 Stephen Bocian – Department of Health and Mental Hygiene

2003 William Sondervan, Ed.D. – Commissioner Division of Correction

2004 James O’Neill – Baltimore County Detention Center

2005 Terry Satterfield – Maryland Police and Correctional Training Commissions

2006 Lamonte Cooke – Queen Anne’s County Corrections

2007 Melanie Pereira – Howard County Detention Center

2008 Steven R. Williams – Dorchester County Corrections

2009 Richard B. Rosenblatt – Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services

2010 Joseph J. Kruse, Jr. – Dismas House of Baltimore, Inc.

2011 Milton Crump – Calvert County Detention Center, Retired

2012 Arthur M. Wallenstein – Director, Montgomery County Department of Correction and Rehabilitation

2013 Jack Kavanagh, Director, Howard County Department of Corrections

2014 George Hardinger, Warden, Carroll County Detention Center

2015 Mary Ann Thompson – St. Mary’s County Detention Center

2016 Jane Sachs – Dept. of Public Safety and Correctional Services

                 2017 Terry Kokolis –  Anne Arundel County Department of Detention Facilities  

                2018 Robert L. Green – Montgomery County Department of Correction & Rehabilitation

                2019 Melinda C. Grenier – Frederick County Sheriff’s Offuce

When you are in ELKTON, visit the Sheriff John F. DeWitt Military Museum located within the Historical Society of Cecil County (135 East Main Street, Elkton, MD (410) 398-1790. This small museum includes military memorabilia of all armed forces branches, dating from the Revolutionary War to Desert Storm. Much of the collection is dedicated to World War II.