NOTICE:  The predicted snow storm for Maryland has forced us to CANCEL our meeting and awards ceremony scheduled for tomorrow, March 14, 2017 at Turf Valley.  The safety of our members and friends certainly outweighs the necessity to facilitate the meeting at this time.  It is our intention to re-schedule the event.  Once we have a firm date, I will pass it along.  Thank you.



Our Nation has been profoundly shaped by ordinary citizen volunteers who give their time and energy to improve their community by helping others in need or supporting beneficial programs and activities that do. While it is right and appropriate that all volunteers be recognized for the good work they do, the committed efforts of correctional employee volunteers goes virtually unnoticed within the correctional community. Thus, the Maryland Correctional Administrators Association (MCAA) decided to establish the Community Service Awards Program (CSAP) to recognize and honor correctional employees and/or correctional organizations for their selfless efforts to better their communities.  The MCAA CSAP will also honor correctional organizations that have implemented or supported a particular eligible non-profit program or activity that serves the needs of their community

The intent of the MCAA is to celebrate exemplary volunteer service by correctional employees that are nominated by their colleagues and co-workers.  Whether  the correctional employees are those that have responded to a disastrous event or their service is a life long pursuit to help others, both forms of volunteerism serve to better our communities near and far. With every hour and every caring act, lives are made richer, communities stronger, and our profession prouder by the dedication and generous spirit of correctional employees.

The theme for the second MCAA Community Service Awards Program (CSAP) is “Our Work Continues.”  Hopefully the theme captures the spirit of what the Association seeks to accomplish as we annually pay tribute to correctional employees and organizations that have and will dedicate themselves to getting involved by addressing problems large or small in our local communities and beyond.

Establishment of the Community Service Awards Program

As part of its mission to enhance public safety the MCAA has decided to recognize and encourage volunteer service and civic participation by correctional employees and organizations.  The purpose MCAA CSAP is to formally recognize and honor outstanding correctional employees who give of their time and other resources to community programs or activities that promote the health or general well being of others.  The Association hopes that recognizing correctional employees that are volunteering will inspire other correctional employee to get involved by volunteering the time, talents and skills to better their communities. 

Thanks to a generous donation from ConMed Healthcare Management the MCAA CSAP was established in 2013 to acknowledge the outstanding contributions of correctional employees that volunteer their time, energy and other resources to eligible programs and activities that seek to improve their communities. At the annual MCAA CSAP Luncheon correctional employees and organizations that go above and beyond to exemplify the true spirit of volunteers will be honored. The MCAA CSAP honors correctional employees individually or as a group who have volunteered within their local community, the State, across the country, or internationally.  The awards will be presented to the honorees during a special ceremony and banquet.  


Purpose of the awards program is to:

  • Recognize and reward the extraordinary dedication and excellence of correctional employees who volunteer;
  • Encourage an ever increasing number of correctional employees to volunteer to support community service activities and outreach efforts;
  • Demonstrate MCAA’s commitment to volunteerism, community service and outreach to benefit our communities;
  • Recognize, celebrate and develop community service and outreach leaders and mentors among correctional employees;
  • Engage in the creation, organization, and/or mobilization of volunteers, groups or other resources that provide beneficial services to the community or some specific group of individuals in need;
  • Encourage a sustained commitment to meeting long standing community needs or responding to a particular event or set of circumstances (i.e., an emergency need due to a natural disaster);
  • Utilize unique and creative approaches to meeting community needs; and
  • Develop and foster the virtues and skills of civic engagement and social responsibility

Eligibility to Submit Nominations

Correctional employees of the State or a local jurisdiction are eligible to submit nominations.  An eligible employee of the State or a local jurisdiction can submit one nomination per year.

Process for Submitting Nominations

For each individual, group of individuals, or organization nominated, the entry information and the nomination summary must be completed as instructed on the nomination form.  The nominations must provide adequate details describing the activities of nominee(s) focusing on their successful volunteer efforts, contributions and accomplishments.  Nominations must be received prior to the announced deadline.

General Eligibility Criteria for an Individual, a Group of Individuals, or Facility

 The person or persons being nominated must meet the following criteria.

  • Be a correctional employee of the State of Maryland or a local subdivision of the State of Maryland in good standing with their respective employer.
  • Exemplify the spirit of community service.
  • Serve as a role model for the fellow correctional employees.
  • Inspire others to engage in volunteer service.
  • The employee or employees must have played a significant role in developing, promoting, supporting or implementing a program that provides services to community members.
  • Must not be paid or compensated in anyway for their activities.

Any type of volunteer contribution or service to an eligible program or activity may be nominated and considered for an award.  Such contributions should be in the form of sustained or unusual effort over a period of time or be a very specific one-time activity that made a significant impact on a community or individuals in need.

Examples of Approved Community Service Programs

 This following is a partial list of activities or programs for which service as a volunteer may qualify for an award.  The list includes but is not limited to the following:

 Hospital/Health Care Facility volunteer

  • Rescue squad volunteer/Emergency Medical Technician Volunteer
  • Volunteer for Special Olympics
  • Youth recreation, athletic or social programs
  • Faith based activities that serve the community at-large
  • Fundraising for a charity or non-profit organizations (e.g., American Red Cross, March of Dimes, Salvation Army, Meals on Wheels, etc.)
  • Hospice volunteers
  • Volunteer work with an organization providing services that are free to youth, seniors, the disabled, etc
  • Food Bank, Sheltered Care, Safe Houses for victims of domestic violence
  • Organizations or programs providing disaster relief or Homes For Humanity
  • Volunteer activities to support veterans

Committee Members

The MCAA President shall appoint volunteer members of MCAA to representative both state and local facilities to serve on the CSAP Committee.  The President shall annually appoint a chairman of the SCAP Committee.  In the absence of a regional representative the President may appoint any member to the Committee.

The SCAP committee will review all eligible nominations and select for an award those individuals, group of individuals or correctional organizations making the most significant contribution to volunteer community service.

The Committee Chair shall prepare a report detailing all revenues and expenses that are directly or indirectly related to the CSAP.  The report shall include a list of nominations received and a list of recipients.  The report shall be submitted within 60 days after the date of the awards ceremony.

To Nominate an Individual Volunteer, Group of Volunteers, or an Organization

The announcement for nomination information should be read carefully and the nomination form must be completed according to the instructions.  The form must be complete, accurate, and signed by the primary person submitting the nomination(s).

A separate form must be filled out for each nomination.  An individual or group of individuals engaged in the same activity can be nominated.  Please be sure to provide all the information requested. An incomplete nomination submission will result in disqualification.

The Program Year

Each program year begins on January 1st and runs through December 31 of the year or years.  Information and application instructions are made available to all MCAA members, State and local correctional facilities and organizations and others as deemed appropriate by the MCAA Executive Board.

The MCAA CSAP will be managed through a statewide call for nominations.  The selection process will follow a predetermined review and assessment process that shall be revised or updated as needed.

All nominations will be reviewed by the CSAP committee to ensure the nominations are complete, accurate and meet the eligibility criteria.  The committee’s final recommendations shall be forwarded to the President for approval and the official announcement.

Number of Awards

 The program is intended to be a one-time award to each recipient.  At the discretion of the Committee a recommendation can be made to the MCAA Executive Board to recognize correctional employees for unusual leadership or a long commitment to community service.

 Award Presentation and Recognition

Award recipients and a guest will be invited to the awards luncheon ceremony.  The event will be announced to the MCAA membership and correctional employees in general.  The President of MCAA or designee will serve as the official host.

The recipients will receive an award for their service to the community.  Any cash awards will be given to the volunteer organization or activity and not award recipients.

The awards will be presented periodically as determined by the Committee and the banquet will be held in the spring following the announcement period.